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Tips for Overcoming Dental Anxiety

Lake Oswego oral surgeon

If you need to visit a Lake Oswego oral surgeon like Dr. Mann, there’s a good chance that you require advanced dental care such as wisdom teeth removal, dental implants, or a bone graft. If the idea of undergoing this type of dental care procedure is enough to send you running for the Painted Hills, know that you’re not alone.

Between 30 to 40 million Americans a year avoid visiting the dentist due to dental anxiety, according to the American Dental Association. Unfortunately, this common condition prevents millions of people a year from receiving the dental care they need to enjoy a healthy smile and quality oral health. If you’re in need of the dental specialty care we provide at Cascade Oral & Facial Surgery, you can’t allow dental anxiety to keep you away.

Fortunately, you can overcome dental anxiety. Dr. Mann and the rest of our team work hard to create a comfortable and relaxing environment where the needs of our patients always come first. If you struggle with dental anxiety, here are some common worries you may identify with, and a few strategies on how to overcome them.

“It’s going to hurt!”

A lot of dental anxiety stems from a fear of pain. If you’re concerned that an appointment with Dr. Mann will cause discomfort, make sure to let him know. Dr. Mann offers patients a variety of anesthesia options designed to help alleviate any discomfort. As part of his extensive education and training, Dr. Mann is an expert in the administration of anesthetic that ranges from nitrous oxide to oral to IV sedation. Don’t let a fear of pain be what keeps you from receiving the oral care you need to restore your smile back to health.

A Previous Poor Experience with a Dentist

The second most common complaint from patients who deal with dental anxiety is that they had a poor experience with a dentist in the past. Occasionally, this type of experience is enough to leave a patient feeling uncertain about the idea of dental care. Whether you’ve dealt with a rude front office staff, an insensitive dental hygienist, or a dentist that didn’t listen to your concerns, these types of unfortunate experiences do happen. However, they shouldn’t be enough keep you from future visits.

If you’ve had a poor experience with an oral health professional in the past, make sure to tell our team at Cascade Oral & Facial Surgery so we can understand what exactly made the experience so unpleasant. Dr. Mann and the rest of our staff will do everything we can to make your visit to our Lake Oswego office a pleasant and relaxing one.

You Feel Helpless and Worry About a Loss of Control

For patients that dislike feeling trapped or who don’t do well in small spaces, the idea of being confined to a dentist’s chair without the ability to easily talk is enough to trigger feelings of claustrophobia. If this sounds like an experience you would dread, let our team know about how you’re feeling at the beginning of your appointment. If ever during the appointment you don’t feel comfortable, simply raise your hand and we can take a break until you’re ready to proceed.

You Feel Embarrassed About Your Current Oral Health

Patients don’t visit a Lake Oswego oral surgeon if their oral health is perfect. There’s absolutely no reason to feel self-conscious or embarrassed when visiting our office. Dr. Mann is here to help restore your smile back to health, not judge you on any damage that has been done over the years.

A healthy smile is key to enjoying all that life has to offer. Don’t let dental anxiety keep you from receiving the oral care you need to restore your smile back to health. Contact our office today and we can discuss how to make your next visit a comfortable one.

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