Wisdom Tooth Removal

So called because they emerge at the age of attaining adulthood, wisdom teeth frequently fail to erupt through the gum line due to a lack of space in the jaws. When this happens, the teeth are said to be “impacted”. This leads to discomfort when the gums and bone become inflamed or infected because the teeth cannot be properly cleaned. Often, this situation increases a patient’s risk for tooth decay and gum disease that could damage an otherwise healthy smile.

After a consultation with Dr. Mann, he will recommend whether a patient needs to have his or her wisdom teeth removed. Dr. Mann will base his recommendation on a number of factors, including the age of the patient, the position of the developing wisdom teeth, and the health of the adjacent teeth. Each patient has his or her own individual oral health needs that need to considered before removal of their wisdom teeth. However, if you experience pain, discomfort, or swelling as a result of an impacted or partially emerged wisdom tooth, an extraction may be necessary to prevention future oral infections or lasting complications.

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